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February 18, 2013

Download The Messenger Full Movie | The Messenger Film Download

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Genres: Drama , Romance , War
Actors: Ben Foster , Jena Malone , Eamonn Walker , Woody Harrelson , Yaya DaCosta , Portia , Lisa Joyce , Steve Buscemi , Peter Francis James , Samantha Morton , Paul Diomede , Jahmir Duran-Abreau , Gaius Charles , Brendan Sexton III , Brian Adam DeJesus
Director: Oren Moverman
Country: United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (20330 votes)

While on a recent deployment to Iraq, US Army Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery is injured when an improvised explosive device goes off within close proximity to him. He is back in the States recovering from the more serious of those injuries, including one to his eye and leg. He has resumed a sexual relationship with his long time girlfriend Kelly, despite the fact that she is now engaged to another man who Will knows. With the few months Will has left in his enlistment, the army assigns him to the Casualty Notification Team in his area. Not having a background in counseling, psychology or grief management, he is unsure if he is well suited to this job. He is partnered with a career soldier, Captain Tony Stone, who teaches Will the precise protocol involved in the job. Tony tells Will, who quickly learns by on the job experience, that this job has its own dangers. As Will learns to adapt to the range of emotions of the next of kin, he is unprepared for the reaction of Olivia Pitterson, whose husband was killed in Iraq. His initial encounter with Olivia leads to him wanting to get to know her better, which may not be in either her or his best interest. Despite being a recovering alcoholic, the more experienced Tony tries to guide Will as best he can under their collective circumstances.

Film Review

When I speak of "we" I'm speaking of the human race, not America or any other nation. Our wars will eventually do us all in, or, at the very least, shorten our time on earth. Imagine all the resources, creativity, and life has been lost because of wars. I know this sounds naive and maudlin but it's true. The only other destructive force that has had more of a negative impact is religion (or a misinterpretation of religious belief). Once again we find ourselves wasting it all in a conflict far from home. The result is two young men with different experiences, whose job it is to tell the loved ones that their child has been killed in battle. It really grabs the gut when it is shown with so much reality. My mother told me about her neighbors watching a couple of men in dress uniforms heading up the walkway. Or even worse, a man from Western Union bringing a telegram. The chances of ever seeing a telegram, let alone one with good news, was virtually non- existent. As W…

After being injured while serving in Iraq Will Montgomery (Ben Foster) is sent back home to the suburbs. He recovers from surgery on his face and eye but is then assigned with a new task: to work with Captain Tony Stone (Woody Harrelson) on giving messages to the widows and families of deceased soldiers in Iraq. He must learn the strict procedures of the job and a feeling of helplessness falls in not being able to give any comfort to the affected. He breaks his assignments policy by coming to the aid of Olivia (Samantha Morton) and her son after telling her that her husband was killed overseas. It's a delicate relationship as she has just lost someone and Will has only recently broken up with his girlfriend, who is about to marry someone else. He also discovers that both he and Captain Stone have differing views on how they relate to people. The Messenger is one of the very best films made about the Iraq war. More specifically, it's a film about how people deal with grief. T…

Israeli screenwriter, former journalist and director Oren Moverman's feature film debut which he co-wrote with Italian-born writer and producer Alessandro Camon, premiered at the 25th Sundance Film Festival in 2009 and was screened In competition at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival in 2009. It was shot on various locations in New Yersey, USA and is an American production which was produced by American producers Lawrence Inglee, Mark Gordon and Zach Miller. It tells the story about U.S. Staff sergeant Will Montgomery who returns to USA after being injured in Iraq. Back home Will contacts his girlfriend Kelly who he learns is engaged to another man and tries to reestablish their relationship, but with some months left of his enlistment Will is assigned to the Casualty notification services by the U.S. Army. There he is introduced to his partner Tony Stone, a strict and far more experienced Captain who he will be spending the next months with both on and off-duty. Captain…


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